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Body Contouring in Boston

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CoolSculpting Elite in Boston

Freeze the fat away!​

Coolsculpting Elite is the #1, non-invasive, fat removal treatment, available today. FDA approved for safe and effective fat removal with minimal downtime in 9 areas of the body.

 Under the jawline, under the chin, the upper arms, back fat, bra fat, the flank area (love handles), abdomen, thighs and under the buttocks (banana roll).


A treatment typically takes as little as 35-75 minutes, depending on the area being treated, with treatment sessions lasting 1-3 hours on average.

TruSculpt in Boston

Body contouring treatment involving heat.

Q1. How does it work?

TruSculpt™ uses radiofrequency energy for deep tissue heating that promotes the non-invasive removal of fat and the tightening of the overlying skin. In addition to reducing fat, truSculpt treatments can help improve skin tone, and can also improve the appearance of cellulite.

Q2. What areas can be treated with TruSculpt?

TruSculpt is an energy-based procedure that delivers controlled, comfortable doses of therapeutic heat to the target zone, firming and smoothing problem areas over time. TruSculpt is designed to treat multiple areas of the body, including thighs, buttocks, arms, and even the neck.

Q3. Who is a good candidate for TruSculpt?

Who’s a good candidate? If you’re ready to invest in yourself and put the finishing touches on your weight-loss goal, truSculpt 3D may be just what you need. The best candidates are close to their ideal weight and have a body mass index of 30 or less.

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